Thursday, May 31, 2012

Are There Any Fabrics on this Blog?

I'll bet you're wondering where the fabrics are in Feasts and Fabrics.  I do sew - whenever I can.  Which, unfortunately, is not a lot during the school year.  I need time to really immerse myself in a project.  The "10, 20, 30 Minutes to Sew" philosophy does not work for me.  Sewing during the school year is limited to the occasional free weekend.  Never-the-less, I do manage to finish some projects....

One of my school-year projects (I started in the fall and finished just in time for the very last cool snap!)  was this fleece jacket that I saw in Fall issue of Sew Stylish Magazine.  

I used the tips that they included in the magazine - including eliminating seams allowances by using lapped seams.  I loved the idea of the faux leather trim!  This version looks so different from the picture on the pattern envelope that I almost didn't buy the pattern.  It is truly amazing what the right fabric can do for a pattern!

Here is a view from the back.  

I would tell you the pattern number if I could find it in my mess of a sewing room. My first project of the summer is always digging out and reorganizing after the chaos of completing projects during the school year.  

So...stay tuned...Only 2 more weeks until I am officially free to sew and create to my heart's content.  I just can't wait!  

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  1. Looking good! Love the detail on the back!