Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just a Little Haiku for Today

There has been no time lately for feasts or fabrics...typical for this point in the school year!  So I thought I would put up a quick post about something else close to my heart - My good old faithful 12-year old pup!  

faithful old dog
slow walk through crisp 
golden moments

My old boy used to be my best walking companion - eagerly completing 4-5 miles with me.  I used to joke that I should have named him PT for personal trainer because even if I didn't feel like walking on a particular day, he knew that it was walk time and would nudge me toward our daily walk like only a golden retriever can.  

He is old now and was diagnosed with lymphoma last September (We are so lucky that he is still here!) so walks are not quite the pace they used to be - more a slow wander.  Although I am still an avid fast-paced 4-5 miler most days, Jake has taught me the joy of slowing down sometimes and just ambling along.  
Always smiling!

Our amble today was the perfect antidote to a busy day at school. 

What better way to spend an crisp autumn afternoon than a slow stroll with a faithful old friend?

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