Monday, February 11, 2013

Sweet Aprons for 3 Little Valentines

I am blessed with 3 sweet little cousin/Godchildren.  A few weeks ago the littlest of the three came to play with us for a few hours.  She announced as soon as she walked in the door that we were going to make brownies - but we would just eat one and save the rest for late.  What self-control!

Well...Who doesn't love to lick the spoon?!

Such a serious brownie cook!

Brownies?  I can do brownies!  

So I ran off to get the apron that my Dad bought for me on deployment in the Philippines when I was just a little girl.  I wore it and both my girls wore it and now my little God Daughter is wearing it!

After her visit, I decided that all three of the cousins must have aprons of their own to wear!  So off I went to Joanne's to find some pretty fabric for aprons.
Butterick See and Sew B4585 modified
I used an old Butterick See & Sew Pattern B4585 for the basic shape and then flared the skirt a bit.  I also eliminated the pocket (I wanted the pretty fabric to shine!), added a ruffle to the bottom and lined the whole thing so that it is reversible.  A girl has to have choices, right?!

I pulled out the pleater foot for this project.  I haven't used in in forever so I had to practice a bit, but I love how easy it is to make perfect easy pleats with it!
Doesn't it look crazy?

The little metal "fork" looking piece pushes the fabric into perfectly spaced pleats.  You can adjust the spacing by just moving a little lever on top.

It can be a monster to get on the machine, though...

The magic pleater foot!

For my nephew, I found a half-finished apron from a pre-printed panel buried in the unfinished objects pile.  All I had to do was add the waist ties and it is the perfect apron for the Sunday pancake-helper in the family.

I took the aprons over to my cousins' house tonight and snapped some pics.  I forgot how hard it is to get a good picture of 3 squirmy little ones all at one time.  Here are some of our attempts:
Attempt #1 They are "flipping pancakes"

The little one liked her eyes closed and wanted me to use this pic.  So...Here it is...

This one is not bad!

I'm hoping that they have as many fond memories of time spent in the kitchen baking up goodies with love and family  and
... maybe ... 
their new aprons will be a part of those memories.  

Happy Valentine's Day All!