Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tooth Fairy Pillow for a Sweet "Fairy" God-Daughter

I have two of the sweetest God-Daughters ever!  One of them is a tall, lanky, smart, beautiful blonde almost 8th grader who is my crafting/sewing and animal loving buddy.  
My Sweet God-Daughter #1
The other is a fire-cracker, Shirley Temple clone who is 4 years old already! She is the age when she is trying to figure out all the family relationships and has decided that Godmother is just too ordinary for her.  She calls me her Fairy God-mother and I could not be happier to comply!

So...As I was finishing this Tooth Fairy Pillow project from a Stitchin' Charleston Style from a few years ago...I knew just who it needed to go to!
Tooth Fairy pillow - Designed by Laura Jenkins Thompson
I love the little silk ribbon bows at the corners!
It is made of a beautiful silver-blue dupioni silk that Laura had all pleated up and ready in our kit.  I had finished the smocking and just needed to add the beads and finish up the pillow and trim.  

Laura's original design had the beads evenly scattered around the pillow, but I improvised a bit and have the magic dust flowing out of the end of the wand.  Just a little more magical looking, I think.
The back of the pillow includes a pocket just large enough for a small tooth and a dollar or two from the tooth fairy.  The pocket is edged with the tiniest piping ever!  The cording itself was tiny but add the fact that it was covered with a very slippery silk ribbon...I didn't even attempt to sew it on the machine!  

My favorite part...It hangs on the outside of the newly toothless child's door!

My son (3rd child)  will attest that the tooth fairy that came to our house by the time that he was losing teeth was somewhat less than...ahem...graceful.  She just might have been so tired that she kept falling asleep and forgetting the lost tooth.  After days of forgetting, she might have "snuck" in a few times before said son was asleep and said something along the lines of "Close your eyes.  This is all a dream.  You don't see me."  Subtle, right?  

With this pillow, all the magic happens outside the sleeping child's bedroom.  Why didn't I think of that before???? 

Tomorrow...I'm working on the muslin for the stretch lace dress...I hope!!!

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