Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School Rush = Few Feasts and Fewer Fabrics

The Back to School craziness has seriously interfered with my creative juices and there hasn't been much output in the way of feasts or fabrics here.  The kiddies are all settled now in their schools/jobs and, as of today, I am back to school too...

Back to the school routine means less time to immerse myself in sewing projects, but I am determined that this year I will make time to sew a little bit each week.  I still have several late summer sewing projects for myself that I want to finish up and then the roman blinds for the breakfast nook that have been waiting years for me to finish.

The next big event in our family is my mother's birthday party.  My sister, daughter and I have been busy with pinterest gathering ideas for decorating tables, food, etc. and have started to pull it all together this week.

Here's a little sneak preview of the colors and table settings.

We're going with a "Night in the Garden" Theme
So what do you think?  Like?  I was excited to find the bamboo forks and knives.  I think they are a bit of a step up from plastic, no?  I'll post more pictures as we get closer to the event!

I'm sad to say goodbye to the summer, but happy to get back to my other passion - teaching.  If only school could start just a bit later in the day...I am sooo not a morning person!

Hope the end of your summer is filled with friends, family, and whatever else makes your heart sing!

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