Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Evening Bag Gone Wild!!!

Hi!  I took a little blogging break to head with the family to the beach.  Although the weather was a bit rainy, we were able to get some fun in the sun time each day.  

Usually the day would start out raining so that we could have a nice slow start to the day. Then it would clear up in time for some sand and sea time and we would have thunderstorms in the afternoon.

The clouds made for some beautiful sunsets over the sound!

The beautiful thing about a rainy day at the beach is that there is nothing to do but give in and relax.  So we had plenty of time for board games, watching the Olympics and I even managed to get in some time for stitching.

I was able to complete another UFO from my Stitchin' Charleston Adventures of years past.  This little cutie is a crazy patch evening bag that Laura Jenkins Thompson designed.

Isn't this purse a cutie!
 I was surprised how much I actually had finished and how quickly I was able to finish it up!  I think I was delaying because I was worrying about attaching the frame, but it all went together easily!  So satisfying to finish up another UFO!  :-)

Just the perfect size for a few evening bag essentials!
Now, I just need an evening occasion to take it to!  Ha!  

I hope that you are finding some time for a little walk on the wild side before summer is gone!

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