Monday, January 14, 2013

Guest Towels With an Edge

The last of the Christmas gifts can finely be revealed!  
Bound-Edged Guest Towels
I made these guests towels for a little surprise for my brother over at Take My Life and Eat It.  They were super easy to whip up and use just a tiny bit of fabric - which I had in my stash.  The body of the towel is the extra hem from bottom some curtains from IKEA.  I saved it because I just knew I would find a good use for it.  (I have issues with throwing out potentially useful fabric...I might have more fabric than I will ever use in a lifetime!)

I found the tutorial over at Sew Chic.  She has really good directions and pictures to match so I won't go into details here.  The Sew Chic towels are tea towels, but I made mine up as guest towels.  A few minutes in the embroidery machine I had a fun, personal gift. 

The Christmas tree is officially down.  
The last Christmas gift is blogged about...
Are we counting down to Spring yet?


  1. Love them! AND I got my first link back to my site with your reference. woo hoo!!

    1. Glad you like them! The chicken tagine on your blog looks amazing! I'd love some of those preserved lemons to try!