Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More Pinterest yumminess!

I should have titled this series "Seven Days of Pinterest" rather than "Pinterest Week."  That might have given me more flexibility on my time-challenged issues!

So here it is:  Day # 5 of the longest Pinterest Week of your life!  But sooo worth the wait!

Pulled Pork Tacos with Pineapple Salsa
Cheryl Style

 We had this for a big family birthday celebration for my DD#2's bday.  What a deal!  Two bone-in pork shoulders simmering in two big crockpots and we had dinner for 17 people (and one extra hungry, lacrosse-playing son!) with leftovers for lunch!

The verdict:  PIN IT!

Changes I made:

  • I used bone-in pork shoulder.  It was cheaper and the bone gives good flavor to the meat...  And they were out of boneless.
  • I popped it in the crockpot the day before the party while we were cheering Navy on to victory against Hawaii so it never got turned and cooked for a bit longer than the recipe recommended.  It didn't seem to hurt it a bit.
  • The next day, I added about a tablespoon of chili powder to the pork because I thought it needed a bit of heat.  I put the pork in a large roaster pan, covered it with foil and put it in the oven at 325 to reheat.  The extra time in the oven the next day allowed the flavors to really meld and caramelized the meat a bit.
  • I made the salsa just like the recipe, but left in the seeds, etc in the jalape├▒os because we like things a bit spicy here at Casa Feasts and Fabrics.
This was an amazingly cost effective, prep-ahead, and delicious way to feed a crowd.  And since all the work was done the day before…I got to enjoy the party too!

One last tip orginally from the oh-so-smart Ina Garten:  Put your effort into a couple important parts of the meal and then cut yourself a break and buy part of it.  
My gift to me:  

Cupcakes from Cupcakes Actually.
So decadent!

My husband graciously volunteered to taste-test and choose the flavors for the assortment.  Such a big help my hubby!  :-)

Day #5 of Pinterest "Week"  a real crowd-pleaser!

Wondering where all the fabrics have gone?  I have several projects in the works.  I ordered some gray knit for my version of the luxe sweatshirt, but it turned out to not be what I was thinking - too sheer and sparkly.  I'm waiting on another order and hoping that it is more what I was hoping for.  I so miss neighborhood fabric stores where you could actually see and touch the fabrics!


  1. Thanks Linda! They were good! My daughter liked them so much she made them for a party with her friends. The best part is that they are totally make-ahead.