Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pinterest Palooza continues into book club night.

Even Book Club wasn't exempt from Pinterest Palooza at Casa Feasts and Fabrics.  

Pinterest Dinner #4:

Low Carb Chicken Wraps

All of my Book Club friends and I are watching our girlish figures so we are always looking for book club dinners that we can enjoy and still watch our calorie/carb intakes.  

Subbing the wrap for lettuce and low-cal, high protein chicken breasts…worth a try.

The verdict:  Pin It!!!

Using some help from a good bottled teriyaki sauce made this a fast and delicious and just six chicken breasts made a TON of chicken for wraps. 

I fed 6 hungry book-clubbers, one hungry husband and one hungry daughter and still had enough for a couple of lunches.  

Changes I made:
  • I doubled the recipe.
  • I sprinkled the chicken breasts with some of the greek seasoning and then grilled the chicken breasts - much easier than trying to brown the chicken in batches in a pan.
  • After the chicken was mostly done on the grill, I chopped it into 1/2 inch cubes and added it to the saut√© pan with the vinegar and the remaining Greek seasoning.  It is quite possible I used more greek seasoning than was called for.  (I'm not a great measurer - especially on a Friday evening!)
  • I added the teriyaki sauce and mixed it in to taste (Again, probably definitely added more than the recipe called for) and then removed the pan from the heat and added the cilantro, green onion and sunflower seeds just as everyone arrived.
  • I used red leaf lettuce instead of swiss chard leaves.  Although I think that the chard would have been delicious, the local grocery store didn't have any chard on Friday evening when I needed them.
This was a great meal for a potluck or to take to someone's house for new baby meals, etc.  It can be eaten warm or cold.  (I've tried it both ways and it was great!).  If you are not watching carbs, it would also be wonderful in a wrap.   

I tweaked this recipe more than my other Pinterest features this week, but still a winner.
More Pinterest fun tomorrow!  Until then!

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