Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another UFO completed

Trying to tidy up my sewing room a bit after a whirlwind of projects, I found this blouse that I made at a blouse sewing class at G Street Fabrics this winter.

 I went with my friend Mary over at Passionate Perseverance.  We had a great time and got a lot of refreshers on sewing basics and fittings.

We finished most of the project in the class.  All that was left to do was sew on the buttons.  The poor top languished on the bottom of the to-do pile while other projects were completed ahead.  But a couple of minutes of hand sewing in front of the TV (I don't like machine-sewn buttons) and now...Another UFO is completed!

The fabric is a quilting cotton so it is a bit heavy for the hot weather that we have been having.  I will have to wait to wear it on a gloomy, chilly fall day.  I think that the pattern is bright enough that it might even wake up my sleepy 9th graders at 7:20 am!  Hmmm...Maybe...

Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday!

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