Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bite-Sized Book Club Treats

Friday night was book club night.  I hadn't finished the book - The Finkler Question - Not my favorite...So instead of rushing to finish the book I decided to try out some of my Pinterest pins for snacks.

I got home from school early and headed to the grocery store for the few things I needed for my little bites.  I decided to make one, sort-of healthy, savory bite and one delicious, calories-don't-count-at-book-club treat.  (I'll post about that one tomorrow!) 

For the sort-of-healthy treat, I made Zucchini and Goat Cheese Rollups from Edible Perspective.

Curry-Spiced Zucchini Roll-ups

These were really easy to make and delicious!  I am definitely going to make them again.  Next time I might change up the spice mix a bit - make it more curry powder and a bit less of the garam masala, but that is just my personal taste.

The trickiest part is cutting the ribbons of Zucchini.  If you have a mandolin cutter it might be easier.  I have one, but have had a lot of good luck cutting my fingers and not such good luck cutting my veggies!  OUCH!

Grill the ribbons for a few minutes.  Layer with  a piece of roasted red pepper on one end and goat cheese down the middle and roll up.  

Follow the link above to find the complete recipe.  

Of course, I cannot end without thanking our veterans - past, present and future - for their service to our nation.  Happy Veteran's Day!

...And...Happy Feasting - Even if it is Bite-sized!  :-)

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