Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quick Head Band Project

My niece recently celebrated her birthday and I got her a store-bought present, but she is a crafty/sewer sort of girl so I also wanted to make her a little something.  I had tons of this purple sweater fabric in my stash that I bought forever ago at the outdoor market in Spain and have been meaning to make a sweater out of.  I thought it would make a cute winter headband for my niece.

Quick Headband for a favorite tween - oops-teen!

I started out by cutting a strip of the sweater material and then serging the edges.  You could get a similar effect without a serger by zigzagging the edges or just leaving them raw if they don't ravel.  Then I gathered one edge and pulled it into a circle and stitched the ends together to form the rosette.

Next, I made a tube of the sweater fabric and overlapped the ends, turned them under and stitched them with a zigzag.

To finish it off, attach the rosette to the headband with a few stitches.  (I stitched to the part where I zigzagged to cover that up.) Add a decorative button.  Mine was a vintage button that I inherited from my mother-in-law.

Not me, maybe?
It's hard to get a good picture
at a birthday party full
of giggling girls!

I think that my niece looks a bit better in it!  :-)

So a bit of the purple fabric was put to use...Now if only I could get to that sweater!
Hoping that you are able to carve out a small piece of time to do what makes your heart sing!

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