Monday, March 18, 2013

Baby Burp Rags with Style

One of my best work buddies and classroom-mates is expecting her first baby soon.  Saturday was her baby shower and so I wanted to make her something handmade for the baby.  I needed something cute and quick because this has been a crazy week (But wait...what week is not crazy this time of year?!)
3 Fancy Burp Rags that wouldn't be too bad to throw over your shoulder!
These are just embellished cloth diapers and truly the hardest part was finding the tri-fold cotton diapers with the thicker middle part.  I thought for sure they would have them at Walmart, but they only had the really big thin diapers.  I think I finally found them at Target.

These were not only fun and easy to make, but they are great scrap busters - fabric and trims.  You only need a tiny bit of fabric and you can decide how much.  Make the bands wider if you have more fabric- narrower if you have less.  If you really wanted to get fancy, you could even piece some scraps to fit across.  I have seen some on pinterest that cover the entire middle of the diaper like these at Stacysews.  I just try to keep it simple - after all-remember the actual purpose of these!  :-)

I have another gift set up for her work shower, but it is top secret until tomorrow when we have the celebration!  Oh, and until I finish the gift tonight!  

Until tomorrow...Pam

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