Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Sewist in our midst!

My oldest daughter is interested in sewing!  Yay!

She has always played around on my machine, but never really had the time or interest to work through a project of her own.  The other day she texted me the links for several used sewing machines on Craig's list.  I looked at them and said they were ok, but what she should really be looking for was a used Bernina like mine...but wait!  Duh, I have an old Bernina that is just like mine...  
The old faithful Bernina 930
It was my Mother-in-law's machine that I inherited.  My Mother-in-Law, Shirley was an amazing sewist who convinced me to buy my Bernina waaay back in 1987 a year or two after she purchased her 930.  I now have a newer Pfaff sewing/embroidery machine too, but I do all my basic sewing on my old faithful Bernina.  It is just that good of a machine. 

I know that Shirley would have loved for my daughter to have her machine!

So my DD (Dear Daughter) came up for the weekend to visit and have a quick sewing lesson. 

We decided to make one of the Tahoe bags that I have posted about before here and here and here.  I think this is the 6th one of these I have made!  I might need to look for a new TNT bag pattern!  LOL!  

It was the perfect bag for our mini-lesson because it is such any easy bag to make so I knew that we could get it done in the few hours that we had.  
Here she is trying out the "new" machine.

We were able to use fabric from my fabric stash and - bonus and so appropriate for the occasion - the lining actually came from Shirley's stash.  

Here is the outside of the bag all ready for the lining.

The lining from my mother-in-law's fabric stash

We used the "new" Pfaff machine to add a spiffy monogram to the front.

I wasn't very happy with Sulky thread, though.  When I wet the fabric to erase the temporary alignment marks, the red thread ran a bit onto the white canvas.  I thought Sulky was supposed to be colorfast!  Boo!

The completed bag and the new sewist!
Didn't she do a great job!!!!

It was so much fun sewing with my daughter!  It was exciting to pass down one of my favorite pastimes to my daughter and even more exciting to know that she is getting to use the tools that her grandmother used.  A very sentimental day overall!

We miss you, Shirley, but you were in our hearts and we know that you were right there with us today guiding our hands as we sewed together!



  1. YAY Elizabeth!! Yay Shirley for passing on the love of sewing. Yay Pam for sharing a wonderful day with us.

  2. Pam - it is so exciting when one of your daughters gets interested in sewing. My daughter Allison and I work on projects together each Christmas. Allison sews on my old 1130 and I embroider and sew on my Viking.

    1. It was so much fun to sew with her!