Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Tables Are Sooo Much Fun!!!

All my little chicks are home in the nest for Easter so all work on the sleeveless blouse has stopped to make way for family Easter traditions.  I was a bit stressed/sad about not getting any sewing done this Spring Break, but ended up letting it go and living in the moment.  And...what a reward! First, I spent two amazing days reconnecting with one of my closest friends (my college roommate) and with my grown up daughter in Norfolk,

When I got home, I knew that I would not have the kind of uninterrupted time that I like to have for sewing so I relaxed, let it go, and ended up having great fun setting up the Easter tables, decorating, and meal planning a bit before the kiddos arrived on Friday. When the kids walked in the door, I was totally in the Easter mood and ready to together.  What started as a stressor turned out to be such an Easter Blessing!

Cute little nests picked up for a song!

My roommate and I visited so many cute little shops jammed packed with adorable spring decorations!

I picked up a few little goodies and a lot of decorating inspiration and went to work on our tables here at home.

A mix of old and new Easter decorations for the Breakfast nook
I decided to go for a more monochromatic theme for the Dining Room inspired by an adorable little Country French store we visited.

Today was a perfect Holy Saturday.  It started with a nice long walk with my oldest daughter and a family breakfast.  Then, baking with my sous-chef middle girl (cake pictures tomorrow!).  In the afternoon we had egg dying with my sister's family and my cousins on my sister's sunny deck (Did I mention that the weather was perfect!).  It ended with a delicious beef brisket dinner with all my children around the table. (I'll post the recipe and pictures the next time I make it because it was delicious!)  

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday.  I am looking forward to Easter Mass with the whole family together and another wonderful feast with the whole extended family at my parents' house. 

I felt like I sort of wandered through this lent with no real direction, then at the last moment, when I wasn't even looking, the lesson was so clear.  Take time to stop and focus on the things that really matter.  Recognize the blessings that surround you each day. The biggest blessings are often the everyday moments that can slip away without notice if you are not careful.  

Happy Easter everyone!  
Wishing each of you days full of everyday, ordinary blessings!

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