Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow Day Spring Break Sewing

For my sewing friends...I did manage to get a bit of sewing in today - after lesson planning and laundry, etc...

I have not had the courage to work with a full bust adjustment for a pattern yet and have mainly done the cheater version of using a stretch fabric and adding a bit to the side seams.  That usually doesn't give the best results unless there is a lot of ease built into the pattern.  Especially as I have been losing weight, most of me is getting smaller while the "girls" are pretty much the same.  The days of buying patterns to fit my bust have to come to an end.  Then I found:  
Simplicity 1886
I have heard about and seen the patterns with cup sizes built in and have been dying to try one just to try the fit.  I have had this pattern pattern and fabric for some time, but other project beckoned and then it was winter.  Now with Spring officially here, I decided it was time to jump in.  

Today I decided to take this project nice and slow and made a muslin (something I am usually too impatient to do - I just tissue fit and hope for the best!).  I figure that I have plenty of time to play with this since Spring does not seem to be in any great hurry to get here!
Whew!  I look crazy good on days off!  Haha!
The fit was pretty good just cutting a straight size 16.  I needed to add a little to the waist area to accommodate my super-straight-no-waist shape, but just about 1/4 inch  - not too bad.  

I also cut the real fabric today - realizing that this blouse has a center front seam and that the design on the front would need to be matched and I'd have to be careful about design placement with this print.  I think I got it...Keep your fingers crossed!
Center front seam taped together for patter matching
I might get to some sewing tomorrow...we shall see.  I want to be patient with this one - remembering that I can take my time with it - Looks like it will be another boots and sweater day again tomorrow!


  1. slow and steady...then you will have an awesome piece. Love the colors. LOVE!!

    1. That's what I keep saying to myself - Slow and Steady! I'm more of a hurry up get it done kind of gal! Working on the slow and steady thing...
      The colors make me hope that we will actually get some warm weather!